Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maybe I'm not so good at this...

So apparently, I'm not as good at blogging as I had hoped I would be. For some reason, in preparing to move to Spain, I assumed that I would have hours upon hours to do nothing, lay in the sun, and blog about life. Although I have had time to consistently appreciate 8 hours of sleep each night, I am afraid that the free time I have gained by not working as much has been taken up with more time studying and actually learning the material for my classes. Stupid school.

If I had taken time to blog, I would have blogged about my entertaining trip to Italy that involved an unexpected $800, over 24 hours on or switching transporation, 5 trains-including a broken one, sketchy hotel and canceled flights at 4 am. I am such a big fan of the volcanic ash-words cannot express. I also would have let you all know about the continued drastic change in my relationship with the Lord, understanding and deeper revelation of what love really means and the frusteration with my annoying tendancy to overpromise and underdeliver in my attempt to make everyone happy. Ahh...someday, I really will learn.

Also, in the last month, I had a lovely visit from my mom...spent some more time in Barcelona, went to Paris, revisited all of the sites in Tarragona, have gotten up to running 11 miles, lost 5 lbs and 100% commited to eating vegitarian again after a feeble attempt to consume poor little animals.

Since I do not have nearly the time it would take to go into such great detail describing all of that, I will instead announce my exciting news! I am officially ATLANTA bound! For some of you, this may not come as a suprise as you already knew it was a possibility, but for those of you who didn't, here's the details... The family I'm working for has had the opportunity to go to the States for a school year (the mother is a professor and will be researching and the father can do most of his job from home and travel for the rest). Because the children are bilingual, but are used to speaking Spanish almost all of the time here, the parents thought it would be good for them to experience a whole year learning/reading/speaking in English, to cement their skills. They are now just waiting on visas!

I was given the chance to end my time with them early, since this was not the original plan, but have decided to continue on to Georgia with them. I've never spent much time in the south, and although do not at all anticipate staying there after my time is up, think it will be another good experience for me. I get along with the family really well and think that the extra time I have been having to study is really good for me. Anticipated graduation date-September 2011!

That being said, there's lots to do. I will be flying back to Iowa the end of this month to see my family before heading to Colorado to pick up a car (since my darling brother has decided he would like to keep mine). The family will be flying to Atlanta the first week of July, looking for a house, and I will be joining them there sometime before August. There really never is a dull moment. I'm looking forward to helping them adapt to life in the US, to being around English speakers (although will still be trying to continue learning Spanish) and to hopefully start making a few more plans for what I'll be doing after my year with the family is up. I've had a few exciting opportunities come up lately and am looking forward to seeing what doors open and what God has in store!

All that being said, life is good and God is great. I am trying to enjoy every last minute I have here and am looking forward to seeing lots of my friends living down south soon! Will try to write more often... ;)